History and present state of catholic church in Postoloprty

History and the present state of catholic church in Postoloprty

The oldest history of roman-catholic church  connection with the Benedicts monastery Porta apostolorum / the gate of Apostels/, that was destroyed of Husits troops and never restored again. At time of its high prosperity, the monastery was very rich in historical monuments. There was one of biggist libraries in central Europs and also the famous „porta Apostolorum“ namely the entrance portal in the monastery church had on the „tympanon“ the figures of 12 Apostels in life size / popular tradition says that they were made of pure silver/. The monastery was as well the place where charity and love to neighbour, especially the poor as was the habit of Benedictines. The monastery also provided a work opportunity for many citizens of Postoloprty and neighbouring villages. The second small church noted by history was a small church of St. Andrew recorded in 1384 which probably stood on tha place of todays swimming pool. At the end of 15. century disappeared and on its place the third church was built – the parisch church dedicated to the Holy Trinity with a municipal cemetery aroudn it. The church of the Holy Trinity was demolishled in the 1792 because of its poor state and on its place a cemetery chapel was built and after hundert years moved outside the city to the place of todays cemetery. Next church was near the fortress and the later castle a gotic church dedicated to St. Franciscus of Assisi, that served for divine serves mostly to aristocracy, for example the Sternbergs and Schwarzenbergs. The crypt under the church served as  burial place for the members of local aristocracy and also clergy. The church of St. Franciscus existed from the second half of 15. century until 1746, when it was demolished to be replaced by the new church of the Assumption of Mary, which is there to this day. The church of the Holy Trinity and of St. Franciscus are seen on two pictures – vedutes made in 1727 years from the sculptor Mr. Meinolf placed in City Hall of Postoloprty. In 1740 the parish of Postoloprty was promoted to deans office and the parish house primarily built near the church of Holy Trinity, was newly replaced by a one near the new church of Assumption of Mary, near the castle and the square of town hall. The church of Assumption of Mary is the fifth one, which prince Josef Schwarzenberg has bulit for two reasons 1/ The old parish church of the Holy Trinity was in bad state not worth of restoration. 2/ Prince Josef made a promise, that if he will get a male heir, he will build a new monumental church. That male descendent prince John was really born to prince couple and the architect Alto Monte from Austrie laied the fundament stone to new parish church on 13.10.1746. The building took 7 years and on the day 16.9.1753 was the new church consecrated. The church has one nave and one tower with a clock. The church is untraditionally situated with the main altar facing the south, in order that  the tower with its entering gate would be directly from the square. In the front fasade of the church there are two stone statues of Peter and Paul. The interior of church is decorated with beautiful stucco ornaments – volutas and cornices, made by Wienna masters. There are 5 altars in the church: the main altar and 4 side altars. Besides each of them there is a great altar picture – an oilpaint, the works of painters from Wienana school, for example Mr. Brandler, Mr. Underberg. The main altar represents the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven, the side altars in the front represent the death of saint Josef and St. Teresia of Avila, the side altars in the back represent the marriage princely couple Mr.Josrf and Mrs.Teresia Schwazenberg with their little son John and also St.John of Nepomuk to whom they had prayed for their son. This last picture is the most valuable for Postoloprty since its ilustrates the city Postoloprty in the year 1750 with the Holy Trinity above. The preachers  box is decorated with wooden statues of small angels and plastics that representing Jesus teachings. There are nicely carved confessional boxes in the church as well as benches for about 300 people, all in original state. The church also has the original way of the cross. Two windows near the main altar are glass set in plumb with the original ilustration of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary with child Jesus. On the top of tho voult arch is a beautiful Schwarzenbergs coat of arms. Behind on the choir there is an organ. The original organ remains so called „corpus“and the proper organ was enlarged and modernized by the firm Mr.Hauser from Teplice at 1932 into 3 manual – pneumatic.From the rich history of roman-catholic church at Postoloprty only one church remained, but beautiful and dignifying,the church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary, that serves at first place for divine serves celebrated every day morning or evening. Morever the church serve also for sacramental services, for example baptism of children and adults and marriages. In the last years occasional concerts of spiritual music for a wide public are also performed. In 1981 on unusual historical discovery was made, never knouwn before in the areas of parsonage. In the parish house barn quite by chance,  were discovered and consequently uncovered the remains of beautiful romans wall  6 arched romans windows with heads, pillars and heels from  sandston and part of wall of romans-quadrant with one window of romans origin.According to results of research made by Mr.Dr.Somer and Mrs.Dr.Merhaut from the Archeological Institute of Prague and of Mr.Dr.Stauber from district Museum at Louny with greatest of probability they represent the romanus and old monasterys bulding dating from the 12. century. The results of the research was published in the magazine Archeologys views Nr.35 in 1983.

The Roman catholic church in according to the last coutning of people in march 1991 had 1341 inhabitans, that belonged to the catholic church, it is 29,9 of a total of inhabitans of that city. At 1992 year the interior of the church was newly painted in the original style – atfter 56 years. This wall made private painters from Smolnice, who hat the experience from the church of Citoliby. During the years 1992-4 it was made a new facade of the church and of the tower by the firm DTOV Louny. In november 1993 a next tower clock on elektric power instalated byl the firm from Vyškov at Moravia. Panting of church was paid by roman-catholic churchs own money, to tre persolvation of the facade contributed also the department culture of the district office, and tower clock was  paid by the cityś office. The cityś office and districtś office of culture department also contributed to the repair of the cemeteryś chapel in Postoloprty and to the renovation of statue of saint John Nepomucky at the antrance of the cemetery.

At present the parisch district of Postoloprty takes care of 7 other parishes: Postoloprty, Bitozevs, Blažim, Minice, Lenešice, Břvany and Raná. Since 1974 the pastoral care of this parishes in charche of see priest Mr.Rudolf Prey.

Let the spirit of Benedictins and their motto „ pray and work“ as well as the intercession of the cityś patroness the Assumption the Virgin Mary bring blessing to people living in this historical and catholic city, to bringing a new spirit and moral blooming for all.

Praise to Christ and to Mary !